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Phew! Now for the Editing

We have just shot the last wedding of this year at the fabulous Wynyard Hall and now we can turn all our attention to the editing. Each wedding takes 4-5 days editing but this is the part of our job that the client does not see and only rarely does a client appreciate the expertise that goes into converting raw footage into a slick, entertaining film. It is the art of story telling, the ability to distinguish between those shots that add to the story and those shots that merely prolong it. Coupled with that is the need for technical perfection. Colours and exposures are corrected, audio tracks from camera mics, radio mics, voice recorders etc. are adjusted and mixed with music. Finally all the HD footage needs to be converted to the format used by DVD or Blu-ray, the menus are designed, the disc face print is designed and the disc itself is burnt and copied.

There is no quick way to do all this and we will not compromise quality by cutting corners. The longest wait for a DVD this year has been 10 weeks and if we can keep our hard drives spinning over the next few weeks all our clients will receive their videos before Christmas. After that, well we might get time to update our own website before it all starts again in 2015.


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